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Poikilotherms and Homeotherms

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The main difference between poikilotherms and homeotherms is that homeotherms regulate their body temperature naturally. Poikilotherms use the environment to regulate their body temperature while homeotherms use the energy from food to regulate their body heat. Some examples of poikilotherms are fish and reptiles, like clown fish, snakes, and catfish. Some examples of homeotherms are mammals and birds, such as humans, eagles, and dogs. The metabolism of poikilotherms are ever-changing, based on the temperatures they are subjugated to. The metabolism of homeotherms, however, are usually the same but may change during times of the year. Poikilotherms regulate their body temperature by using the sun or shade to warm themselves up or cool themselves off while homeotherms use the energy from food to keep their body temperature at a constant. Some adaptions that organisms have taken to survive winter is hibernation. The organism eats enough food to survive during the winter while their metabolism slows greatly in the cold. This way the nutrients from their food can last them long enough to be able to survive and still retrieve their required nutrients. Poikilotherms that live in water remain in the water because only the top layer of water freezes while the bottom stays warm. Poikilotherms that do not remain in water

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